Jamar Pasha #233223

Jamar Pasha #233223

Birth Date: October 6, 1991
Release Date: March 30, 2035
Convicted Of: Murder
Home Town: Michigan City, IN
Ethnicity: Black
Religion: Muslim
Height: 5’7″
Wants To Write To: Anyone
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Will Write Overseas: Yes
Seeks: Romance, friendship


Here’s a little about myself, I’m a Libra, born on 10-6-91 in Michigan City, Indiana. I’m a Moorish American. Not in the “Nation of Islam” sense, but Moorish in a nationality sense. I’m 5’7″ in height and I like to write and use my imagination in various ways. The court gave me 55 do 22 1/2 but the paperwork I’m filing, I’ll will be home next year. No doubt! I’m a Shia Muslim if God say the same. Now my wants, attitude and mindset.

I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I love and accept myself for who I am. Also in who I am becoming. I know where I’m going and know what I’m going to do with my life. I want to see this avenue to build a network around me. With people who know or want to know what they want in life (dream chasers). And won’t let anything or anyone stop them from achieving these goals. Because this is the attitude I possess. I’m looking for friends that have goals and know what they want in life. I’m looking for a partner where we can help each other and grow and achieve our goals. I’m looking for a wife that doubles as my best friend. A person I can get to know like I know myself.

Jamar Pasha #233223
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
PO Box 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838-1111

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