Charles Crannell #4903

Charles Crannell #4903

Birth Date: February 19, 1942
Incarcerated Since: October 21, 1992
Release Date: Around November
Convicted Of: 1st degree murder
Home Town: Meadville, PA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Nondenominational
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 201 lbs
Wants To Write To: Women only
Seeks: Romance, donations


White male, 76 but looks, feels and acts younger. 5’11” tall, 201 lbs, gray hair. Have a 35 to life sentence, about to be paroled to the state of Florida.

On the outside I was a telephone man. Since my incarceration I have taken courses of paralegal, computer repair, have worked as a law clerk, inventory clerk in a wood shop, commissary’s, maintenance and even as a dog handler.

I exercise, eat as healthy as possible, walk a lot, watch TV, love romantic movies and cry watching sad movies. Action movies are ok, do not care for gory ones.

If paroled to Florida would like to live in the Ocala area, just purchased 1-1/2 acres of land where I am having a 26′ Dakota camper set up to live in until I am able to have a home built.

Love adventure, for instance if I went on a date to Disney World I would be open to ride all the thrill rides, however would also be at home on the tame ones.

I do have two children both grown. A daughter married living in North Fort, Florida and a son living in Punta Gordo, Florida.

I am an old fashion guy, treat a lady like a lady, am kind, courteous, polite and caring. Once committed am loyal and protective. Have been in the Vermont system. The photo displayed was taken about a month ago.

I am open to any questions you may have, will answer as truthfully as I can.

Charles Crannell #4903
Southern State Correctional Facility
700 Charlestown Rd
Springfield, VT 05156

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