Sabir Shabazz #41119-086



Birth Date: September 28, 1990
Incarcerated Since: September 21, 2010
Release Date: 2038
Convicted Of: Assault with weapon, pimping
Home Town: Tacoma, WA
Ethnicity: Human
Religion: Understanding peace
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 189 lbs
Wants To Write To: Anyone
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact: Yes
Will Write Overseas: Yes
Seeks: Friendship, education / knowledge


Dear Planet,

This might as well be a letter from space because solitary confinement is similar to being in orbit around Earth. TV is my window but it differs from having feet on the ground, socializing, experiencing what we call life.

I’d like to share a laugh, a smile, get some feedback on my thoughts. People still do that on Earth, right? I hope so because the media, Kanye West, and Facebook don’t determine my thoughts, so you can imagine I have plenty to say.

There’s so much happening in America, on the planet right now. It seems like most people are being affected directly or indirectly to some degree for better or worse.

I think the reality and history of a people is the best understood from the people themselves because what we hear or are told often contradicts what we see, and vice versa.

Sabir Shabazz #41119-086
USP Florence ADMAX
PO Box 8000
Florence, CO 81226

Source: Sabir Shabazz #41119-086