Marshall Brown #291620

Marshall Brown #291620


Birth Date: September 18, 1964
Incarcerated Since: June 4, 2001
Release Date: December 20, 2035
Convicted Of: Attempted murder
Home Town: Jamaica
Ethnicity: Afro Jamaican
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wants To Write To: Women only
Will Write Overseas: Yes
Seeks: Romance, friendship


Jamaican national looking to meet a very nice “ZAFTIG” woman for long term friendship, someone who likes to laugh, outgoing minded, likes to travel to different parts of the world, likes going for long drives behind the wheel and likes trying new things.

Race definitely unimportant. She can be from anywhere in the United States of America, but I’d love to meet someone from the southern or Midwestern part of the USA, such as VA, AZ, WV, UT or ID.

I was born on 9-18-1964 on the island of Jamaica. I’m from the province of St. Catherine in Jamaica approximately 2 1/2 hour drive from the capital city “Kingston.” I grew up in the deep countryside of St. Catherine. Know a lot about farming, even though I’m an electrician by trade.

I know how to cook several different varieties of Jamaican foods. However, my main goal is to open a reggae music studio once I overcome my current obstacle. If you think you’re that compatible, harmonious “ZAFTIG” woman, then please gimmi a link.

“Gimmi” translate as “give me.” Gimmi is a Jamaican form of dialect.

Please take care while I await that candid reply.

Marshall Brown #291620
MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution
1153 East Street S
Suffield, CT 06080

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