Reginald Mitchell #95450-004



Birth Date: September 5, 1984
Incarcerated Since: August 2011
Convicted Of: Hobbs Act, robbery
Home Town: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: African American
Religion: Free spirited
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 190 lbs
Wants To Write To: Women only
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact: Yes
Will Write Overseas: Yes
Seeks: Friendship



My name is Reginald, and I am seeking friends and positive contacts. I am a very ambitious, outgoing and confident person. I love reading, writing, laughing and having meaningful conversations. I also enjoy working out, whether it’s calisthenics or playing sports.

Although I’m not in the best of situations, I am determined and working hard making the best of my situation to be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. God bless…

Reginald Mitchell #95450-004
FCI Coleman Low
PO Box 1031
Coleman, FL 33521

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