Justin Skaggs #148829

Justin Skaggs #148829

Birth Date: March 29, 1989
Incarcerated Since: 2009
Release Date: 2021
Convicted Of: Aggravated robbery
Home Town: Kailua Kona, HI
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 200 lbs
Wants To Write To: Anyone
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact: Yes
Will Write Overseas: Yes
Seeks: Friendship


Hello there. So a friend told me about this website, and how while on it he’s met some genuine people who over time have developed into meaningful people in his life, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve never really been good at describing myself, but that’s why I decided to use this picture, I feel like it says a lot about me. I took this picture with Sobe who was a dog I got to train here in prison and even though I was around a bunch of hardasses, I feel like I look good with my little Paris Hilton dog. I’m tatted up with a heart of gold. Here’s a phrase I thought of today, “righteous intentions, but a million mistakes.” Probably my next tattoo. No matter how bad my situation or what hell I’m surrounded in, my intentions are always righteous, and I’ve learned from every mistake I’ve ever made. I feel like I have a lot to bring to any table and I know my value, so if you have read something you like, or just think I’m interesting, reach out and contact me. I’m open to corresponding with people from anywhere in the world, and look forward to hearing your story. Bye for now.



Justin Skaggs #148829
Limon Correctional Facility
Unit 2
49030 St Hwy 71 South
Limon, CO 80826

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