Vincent Hwang #T18946

Vincent Hwang #T18946

Birth Date: May 13, 1985
Incarcerated Since: 2000
Release Date: 2024
Convicted Of: Attempted murder
Home Town: Monterey  Park, CA
Ethnicity: Chinese
Religion: Buddhist
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 230 lbs
Wants To Write To: Women only
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact: No
Will Write Overseas: Yes
Seeks: Friendship


Greetings to all you strangers in the wilderness! Where shall I begin? I can’t help but to start with a severe brain art, please forgive me! First of all thank you for investing your time to read my profile.

Strap on your seatbelt because here goes nothing, I’m Vincent, nice to meet you! Chinese born in Los Angeles, 5’11” and about 230 pounds, far from the typical Asian stereotype, I blame the excellent prison food. Currently I’m on a relentless pursuit toward higher education therefore I’m left with minimal time for anything else! One can never have enough knowledge. I am also a very passionate foodie, I love to eat and cook! I also enjoy exercising, I find that a sound body and mind goes hand in hand. It’s a good way to escape reality and release frustrations. Most of all I try staying positive however unfortunate circumstances are. I just hope for the best of what tomorrow may bring.

I guess the reason for this endeavor is to see where this journey leads. I’ve been incarcerated since 15, far longer than I had my freedom. I never truly had a chance to live and experience the meaning of life. I made a horrible decision which cost me everything however this has been a great learning experience and blessing in disguise.

Over the years friends have come and gone like the seasons so I’ve lost contact with most. I hope through this I’ll be able to meet new friends and travel the world through pen and paper and see what I’m missing. I have no expectations nor do I discriminate. All I’m asking for is someone to show me the beauty of the world through their eyes. Regardless of the quality of your letter, I’ll appreciate any simple hello, it’s better than the loneliness of nothing.

In all honesty we both have no clue what we’re getting into, so pick up that pen with a clear conscience, no expectations, and see where this journey takes us. I guarantee I’ll be worth your time and stamp or your money back, I’ll reimburse your postage.

I’ll be patiently waiting to hear from you. Most of all don’t be shy or a stranger! Some of the greatest accomplishments were made by overcoming our fears.

“A friend is someone who sees through you and still enjoys the view.”

Vincent Hwang #T18946
Sierra Conservation Center / C3 – 227
5150 O’Byrnes Ferry Road
Jamestown, CA 95327

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