Commodore Jackson #R59842

Commodore Jackson #R59842

Birth Date:
October 6, 1981
Incarcerated Since:
October 25, 2018
Release Date:
July 20, 2023
Convicted Of:
Firearm, agg battery / pregnant person
165 lbs


I am a prisoner who is currently incarcerated at the Danville Correctional Center and I am seeking friends who are willing to discuss the law, the Bible, science, and or everyday activities. I am a good listener and do not judge people. Furthermore, I understand how one’s environment can shape a person’s life for the better or worse… However, I myself would like to change and therefore, meeting different people may have a positive impact on my destiny… Moreover, I have books and am interested in any information that will simply make me a better person. I am also “down to earth,” and told by people that I encounter that I am funny at times. Thank you for reading this message.

Commodore Jackson #R59842
Danville Correctional Center
3820 E Main St
Danville, IL 61834

Source: Commodore Jackson #R59842