Randolph William #06960-068

Bill William #06960-068

Birth Date:
January 12, 1950
Incarcerated Since:
October 2000
Release Date:
June 2026
Convicted Of:
Sexual exploitation
Home Town:
Monongahela, PA
230 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship, donations


My name is Bill Randolph. I’ll be 70 years old in January and I have been incarcerated in Federal Prison since October of 2000. I’m going to be very honest about why I’m starting a web page. I worked for a man in the 70’s in Atlanta, named Mike Thevis. Mike was the largest porno distributor in the world. He had 775 adult stores and theatres. When I got busted in 2000, my past record in porno was brought up and I received a sentence of 360 months.

The good news is, I’m a little more than 5 years away from being released. But the feds took everything I had, including my family, friends, home and money. So, if you’re looking for someone who’s rich, it’s not me. I exist on $27.40 a month. I’m opening this site to try and find a female, with whom I can form a relationship. Someone who is understanding, forgiving and can understand that I’m not a bad person.

When I was arrested I was an author and screenwriter. I put my time in here to good use. I have written four books, one of which is called “Mike Who?” It is a behind the scenes look at Mike’s porn cartel in Atlanta in the 70’s. It will not be released until I am.

If you interested in talking more, my address is Bill Randolph, #06960-068, P.O. Box 10, FCI Elkton, Lisbon, OH 44432-0010. Thanks.

Randolph William #06960-068
FCI Elkton
PO Box 10
Lisbon, OH 44432-0010

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