Matthew McCarthy #BG5733

Caged Wild Wolf Seeks…


Birth Date:
December 2, 1968
Incarcerated Since:
February 26, 2016
Release Date:
February 18, 2044
Convicted Of:
Ask me
Home Town:
Union Landing, CA
Caucasian / Native American
Ask me
160 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship, inspiration


I believe in aliens! If you’re still reading, I am caring, thoughtful, honest, funny, playful, redheaded, short and wrongfully incarcerated. I have worked hard my whole life and maintained my own business for over twenty years, only to have it all taken away by an act of misplaced revenge. To quote someone I still miss every day, “It is what it is.” I remain hopeful, helpful and healthy, and I refuse to let this get me down. I will not give up fighting, not for myself or for my family who is working hard for, and awaiting my return home.

I use my time here to help others by teaching, tutoring and helping with legal matters. I am also attending Vocational Auto Body Repair to update my skills while I study to be a Certified Paralegal / Attorney Assistant. I have helped others get their sentence reduced and I got one out five years early!

In court I was forced to represent myself without access to a law library or any law books. I was denied my paid attorney, denied access to evidence, and not allowed to call witnesses in my defense leading up to my taking a horrible plea-deal to try to minimize the damage, for crimes I did NOT commit. My family’s support helps a lot because they were there and know the truth. I refuse to let this get the best of me. I will use this experience to learn more about myself as I take everything positive that I can with me when I leave!

I am single. I am looking for a pen pal and I am open to discussing my legal matters or any other part of my crazy life. So… Maybe… write me? -Wolf

Matthew McCarthy #BG5733
Centinela State Prison / D3 – 126
PO Box 931
Imperial, CA 92251

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