William Randolph #06960-068

Bill Randolph #06960-068


Birth Date:
January 12, 1950
Incarcerated Since:
October 2000
Release Date:
June 2026
Convicted Of:
Sexual exploitation
Home Town:
Monongahela, PA
230 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship, donations



My name is William Randolph. I’ve been in federal prison for 20 years. I will be released in 5 years. In the 1970’s I was part of the largest pornography cartel in U.S. history.

I’m opening this site to solicit donations to help me self-publish a book I have written that gives a behind the scenes look at the Atlanta pornography market in the 70’s, and my boss, a millionaire playboy who murdered his way to the top of the XXX business. The book is entitled, “Mike Who?”

I estimate it will cost $10,000 to publish the book and do it right. I’m looking for donations of $25 or more. If you donate, you will have the option of having your name listed under “Contributors to this book.” If you would like to read an excerpt from the book, I will gladly send you a short sample.

The reviews from those who have read the book so far, are all extremely positive. It’s full of never before released details of murders, extortions, arson, sex, porno film production, comedy, deceit and dastardly deeds.

Feel free to write me at: William Randolph, #06960-068, FCI Elkton, P.O. Box 10, Lisbon, Ohio 44432-0010, or if you would like to donate, send a postal money order to: William Randolph, #06960-068, P.O. Box 474701, Des Moines, Iowa, 50947-0001.

Thank you for your help. I will keep all who donate posted on the book’s progress.

Bill Randolph #06960-068
FCI Elkton
PO Box 10
Lisbon, OH 44432-0010

Source: William Randolph #06960-068