Dalia Bernal #30041-057




Birth Date:
July 19, 1982
Incarcerated Since:
April 9, 2013
Wants To Write To:
Will Write Overseas:
Romance, friendship, legal help, donations


Welcome to my life everyone, my name is Dalia Bernal #30041-057 and I am a very loyal, honest and respectful person.

I am the real friend that you can count on always.

My friends call me Blackxican because I have black and Mexican in me, and I am very proud of my roots.

I love music as much as I love to dance. My favorite colors are electrical blue and black but if you are interested in knowing a little more from me, I know you will find the way to get in touch with me.

Trust me if you need a friend that makes you laugh, I could be that one.

Dalia Bernal #30041-057
Aliceville FCI
PO Box 4000
Aliceville, LA 35442

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