Dervelle Barnes #08501-095




Birth Date:
November 27, 1986
Incarcerated Since:
May 15, 2016
Release Date:
December 2, 2021
Convicted Of:
Drugs, gun
Home Town:
Baton Rouge, LA
290 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women only


Dear Friends, greetings to you all in these troubling times, if you are reading these words; I pray you’re warm, healthy, and safe; but above all things I pray you’re blessed; my name is Dervelle and I am a God fearing, down to earth; African American 34 year old male in search of a friend, someone who is nonjudgmental, has a sense of humor and willing to share a smile and laughter from time to time. I am good natured and ambitious, I tend to never see the glass as empty, more so half full!! I strive for progress!! Rather than perfection!! For every day that I awake there’s always the chance and opportunity – everything will in time work accordingly with God’s plans for me. If you share my views, and vibe; feel free to extend your hand, and ear to a friend; in great need of your friendship…

Dervelle Barnes #08501-095
Beaumont USP
PO Box 26030
Beaumont, TX 77720

Source: Dervelle Barnes #08501-095