Michael Allison #10778816

Michael Allison #10778816



Birth Date:
June 18, 1973
Incarcerated Since:
Release Date:
Convicted Of:
Possession of firearms
Home Town:
Portland, OR
205 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Sexual Orientation:
Open to Gay/Bisexual Contact:
Will Write Overseas:


We all know loneliness has no friends and life is too short for missed opportunities. I guess, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t missing something in your life. Hopefully our paths crossed for a reason. I believe, everyone in this world has a story to tell that could influence my life. It seems like advice and inspiration usually comes from someone you never met. With that being said, I never take anyone or anything for granted.

A little bit about me. My personality is infectious, my attitude is always positive, and the smile on my face never fades. I like to think of myself as a genuine person with character. Sincerity, honesty, and keeping it real are qualities that definitely hold my attention. I like to surround myself with like-minded individuals, who never pretend to be someone they are not. I’m very spontaneous, exciting to be around, and a sense of humor that will keep you in awe. I‘m strong willed, I have a lot of ambition, and I’m very creative. I never get complacent, and challenge myself daily to be better than the day before. My current situation. Does not define who I truly am, no one in life is perfect. My perfect imperfections make my company addictive, I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Traveling and exploring are two of my favorite hobbies. Road trips with no destination, sunsets from breathtaking views, or secluded beaches with the stars filling the skyline, are a few of my favorites. I enjoy working out and exercising, all genre of music, and anything outdoors related or sport oriented. I am not a judgmental person and I do not discriminate. I’m open to whatever and welcome all mail with open arms. My life is an open book, I’m far from shy and have nothing to hide. So, if you’re looking for some company or someone to talk to, pick up that pen or send me an e-mail and tell me your story. I hope I sparked your curiosity and left you intrigued to contact me…

Michael Allison #10778816
82911 Beach Access Rd
Umatilla, OR 97882

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