Leopold Badu #50675-007

Leopold Badu #50675-007


Birth Date:
November 21, 1974
Incarcerated Since:
Release Date:
Convicted Of:
Credit card
Home Town:
240 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Will Write Overseas:


Thanks you for taking your time to check out my page.

Born and raised in Africa, reside in the DC metro area (VA and NW DC) since the early to mid 2000s, still speak with an accent. I am down-to-earth, loyal, laidback, creative, fun with positive attitude (I don’t get along well with people with negative attitude / mindset), open minded, a listener (sometimes introvert) and can be little crazy sometimes lol.

My zodiac sign is Scorpio.

I love arts and crafts, home improvement, chores, I listen to more audiobooks than read (self-taught / informative materials), cooking, all outdoor activities including camping, gardening, fishing, joyriding, nightlife including restaurant and sports bars, sightseeing, working out and sports. dancing, movies and theater and (open to learning new hobbies) more.

I have some college education and I had worked in the fitness and design / home improvement industry.

My charges are credit card fraud, theft robbery and (locker) burglary. I did the wrong thing for a right reason (I was in love and I followed my heart instead of my brain to get bill paid, hard / desperate times) which make it wrong, by the way I take full responsibly for my action, no excuses. I guess I have to let go of what is not working when it is not working so I don’t make my future pay the debt of my past, my past action doesn’t define who I am.

I respectfully welcome all races / cultures and ages as friends, thanks again for your time, much appreciated, peace.

Leopold Badu #50675-007
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 1000
Cumberland, MD 21501

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